How to reach 100% in GTA 5

100% Game Completion.


With time and patience you can get full 100% completion in GTA V and unlock this achievement, you will need to complete the following requirements:

Storyline  Missions

  • Complete all of the 69 Story missions

Strangers and Freaks Missions

  • Complete the 20 Stranger and Freaks side missions
    • Pulling Favors
    • Pulling Another Favor
    • Pulling Favors Again
    • Still Pulling Favors
    • Pulling One Last Favor
    • Shift Work
    • Paparazzo
    • Paparazzo – The Sex Tape
    • Paparazzo – The Partnership
    • Paparazzo – Reality Check
    • A Starlet in Vinewood
    • Grass Roots – Franklin
    • Grass Roots – The Smoke-In
    • Exercising Demons – Franklin
    • Far Out
    • The Final Frontier
    • Risk Assessment
    • Liquidity Risk
    • Targeted Risk
    • Uncalculated Risk

Random Events

  • Complete at least 14 out of the 57 random events

Hobbies & Pastimes

  • Complete the following 42 Hobbies/Pastimes
    • Shooting Range – Handguns (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range – Sub-Machine Guns (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range – Assault Rifles (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range – Shotguns (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range – Light Machine Guns (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range – Heavy (Win 3 Medals)
    • Street Race – South Los Santos (Win a Medal)
    • Street Race – Circuit City (Win a Medal)
    • Street Race – Airport (Win a Medal)
    • Street Race – Freeway (Win a Medal)
    • Street Race – Vespucci Canals (Win a Medal)
    • Win at Tennis
    • Play 9 holes of Golf and finish even or below par
    • Win at Darts
    • Get a private dance at the Strip Club
    • Triathlon – Vespucci Canals (Win a Medal)
    • Triathlon – Alamo Sea (Win a Medal)
    • Triathlon – Coyote Cross Country (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 1 – Canyon Cliffs (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 2 – Ridge Run (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 3 – Minward Spiral (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 4 – Valley Trail (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 5 – Lakeside Splash (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 6 – Eco Friendly (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Training Take Off (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Runway Landing (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Inverted Flight (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Knife Flight (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Flat Hatting (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Touchdown (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Loop the Loop (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Helicopter Course (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Helicopter Speed Run (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Skydiving (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Drop Zone (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School – Earn Your Wings (Win a Medal)
    • Sea Race – East Coast (Win a Medal)
    • Sea Race – North East Coast (Win a Medal)
    • Sea Race – Raton Canyon (Win a Medal)
    • Sea Race – Los Santos (Win a Medal)
    • Parachuting – Complete all Base Jumps
    • Parachuting – Complete all Heli Jumps


  • Complete the following 16 Miscellaneous activities around San Andreas
    • Purchase any 5 Properties
    • Purchase a vehicle from a website
    • Collect 50 Space Ship parts
    • Collect 50 Letter Scraps
    • Walk and play fetch with Chop
    • Collect a Booty Call
    • Receive a Prostitute Service
    • Hold Up a Store
    • Complete 25 Under the Bridge Challenges
    • Complete 8 Knife Flight Challenges
    • Complete 25 Stunt Jumps
    • Visit the Cinema
    • Friend Activity – Visit a Bar
    • Friend Activity – Visit the Cinema
    • Friend Activity – Visit the Strip Club
    • Friend Activity – Play Darts

Be sure to link your gamertag profile to Rockstar’s Social Club website in order to keep track of your progress towards this achievement!

Easy Money in GTA 5

There a dozens of ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto V, but some are easier and faster than others. Here you’ll find a list of activities recommended for quick and easy money making and tips for how to make the most out of each. In Grand Theft Auto V you can buy and sell stocks and shares on the stock market, which is accessed via your in-game web browser.

The Assassination missions you do as Franklin for Lester is a great chance to earn a lot of money for all three of your characters, as they can greatly affect the stock market. In fact, Lester even tells you this whenever you do the first mission, Hotel Assassination. Note that the BAWSAQ is linked to Rockstar’s Social Club and requires an internet connection, so if Social Club is down, the BAWSAQ will also be unavailable.