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GTA 5 CLOUD Status Updates

Latest Grand Theft Auto 5 Status Updates from internal staff at Rockstar games.

GTA 5 Online Launch – 1/10/2013 – Reported issues from a large amount of users.

Approximately 10 million users have been unable to connect.


USA/UK: UP – However known issues with mission initiation & connection management.

Pacific/AUS: UP – Issues as stated above however not effecting all users.

ASIA: UP – Known issues effecting many users.




Profile Corrupted and I cannot access my character on GTA 5 Online?

Unfortunately the profile is corrupted. Delete the character and create a new GTA5 online character.

Try not to venture into too many missions, accept invites from working and current missions available to you.

Fast actions within the world, e.g taking on missions fairly quickly will also cause a corruption of your GTA 5 online character.


Why is my GTA 5 Online missions failing? Missions not working or failing –

Example:  ” GTA 5 Mission error ”

This is caused by a lack of connectivity to a realm of the GTA 5 Online Rockstar games cloud, causing your XBOX 360/PS3 console to fail upon attempting to ” download ” the package required for the activity.

How do I get past the first tutorial/mission of GTA 5 Online?

If you are stuck on the first tutorial/mission of GTA 5 Online and if text appears saying ” Go to trigger ” or similar, and you cannot find the ” trigger ” even after multiple sign in and outs – Then delete the character and recreate it – You will find the ” trigger ” or blue ring then appears and you can continue.

I spent 2 hours on GTA 5 and lost my progress, Can I get it back?

Unfortunately if the servers have been overloaded and your console is unable to make multiple requests to save to the cloud – Your progress may be lost. More information will be released shortly regarding loss of game progress.


Last Updated: 2:29 pm 8/10/2013




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  1. Like many Im currently still not able to play with a permant character on GTA 5 Online because it keeps saying Rockstar Servers are down. Is there a way to turn them on. I can only play with a temp character and I cant save my game.
    Is there any way around all this.

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